Household size, budget & design
Before planning your kitchen, the consultant will tell you how many people live in your household. This is important for the size and construction of the kitchen. You should also consider whether you need a separate storage room, such as a pantry. Of course, your budget is very important. It is best to determine the maximum amount of money you would like to spend before you visit the specialist store. When designing your new kitchen, there are countless possibilities. What you can decide first: Do you want a modern kitchen or do you prefer the country house style? Which materials do you like? Inspiration can be found in our kitchen gallery.
Room & equipment
In addition to the room size, it is very important for the kitchen planning, where are the connections for water, electricity and, if necessary, gas. The kitchen is adapted to it. Changing ports is not always possible. Of course, the electrical appliances play a big role in your kitchen. Therefore check on the checklist which devices should be available. Also note whether you want to have the oven installed at working height, for example, and whether you use a fume hood with exhaust or recirculation mode.
In the kitchen, every detail counts. Even little things that are taken into account in the planning, can make everyday life later immensely easier. Think about what your sink should look like. Would you like a sink or two? Would you like a hand shower? And where does the garbage come from? Modern waste separation systems are extremely practical. At the very end, you can then think about the lighting and, for example, if you value light for decoration. Your specialist advisor will gladly help you with many ideas. This naturally applies to all areas of kitchen planning. At GERTECH you will be well advised.By the way: You can find out how to measure your kitchen correctly and create a floor plan in our Survey Guide.

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