5-year system warranty

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Heating systems are the largest “energy guzzlers” in German private households. 78% of the energy is needed solely to provide room heat and 11% for hot water. Opt for an energy-efficient Junkers Gertech heating system with a 5-year system warranty *.

Turn three into five: the 5-year system warranty
system warranty
Guaranteed on the safe side. As part of the Bosch family, we pay special attention to the highest quality, reliability and energy efficiency.

Ask for Junkers Gertech systems with a 5-year system warranty. Because only for these systems, whose individual components must be exclusively made by Junkers or Gertechsein, you get the free 5-year system warranty.

Requirements for registration
The 5-year system warranty * applies only to Junkers Gertech Systems **, which consist of at least one heat generator, one system accessory (eg controller) and one system component (eg storage). The systems with a 5-year system warranty consist exclusively of Junkers and Gertech components
The application for a 5-year system warranty must be received by Gertech Thermotechnik GmbH no later than six months after installation or commissioning
The 5-year system warranty also applies to gas condensing appliances with integrated hot water storage in combination with Junkers or Gertech accessories (gas condensing combi unit Cerapur / Condens 7000i / CerapurAcu, Condens 9000i WM / WM solar, CerapurModul-Smart / -Solar) as well Air heat pumps Compress AW with AWM / AWMS and ground source heat pumps Supraeco STM / Compress LW
The system was professionally assembled in accordance with Junkers Gertech specifications for hydraulics and electrical wiring (extranet under “Documentation” or www.gertech.eu)
We recommend a professional, commissioned commissioning by a specialist or the customer service (obligatory for heat pumps)

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