Kitchen from the kitchen studio: good reasons

A new kitchen is not something to break over your knee. In addition to the correct planning and the appropriate financing, there is one question in the room: where do I buy the kitchen?

There are many ways to buy a kitchen today. From small to large furniture stores to large-scale kitchen houses to online shopping, everything is there that you can imagine. You should not miss the small kitchen studios right at your corner.

What is a kitchen studio?
A kitchen studio is a specialist shop for advice, planning and sales of kitchens. In addition to kitchen furniture and kitchen appliances, the shops also often offer tables and chairs for the dining area, which can then be purchased matched to the kitchen. Also, the establishment of the utility room (also called laundry room) can be taken over by the kitchen studio. You will not find other furniture and decoration there. The planning professional in the kitchen studio has not only the kitchen in view, but the entire room and adjacent living areas. In many studios, you can therefore also tips on the design of the walls, the kitchen floor, the lamps, etc. catch up.

But even if kitchen studios are limited to kitchens, that does not mean that there is not much to see here. The shops often have several hundred to one thousand square meters of exhibition space to represent the many different kitchen styles and styles for the customers.

In contrast to large furniture giants or kitchen houses, kitchen studios are usually owner-managed. This means that the boss, like his employees, plans, sells, and takes care of the customers.

Advantages of a kitchen studio:
You will not be left alone: the kitchen professional not only plans the kitchen together with you to the last detail, he also helps you with topics such as financing and installation. He is your personal contact and always there for you with any questions.
Individually just for you: The kitchen is tailored to you, your needs and your budget. Nevertheless, there is no obligation to buy, the plans are not binding.
No discount battles: kitchen studios do not advertise with fat discounts to lure customers. Thanks to favorable conditions through joint purchasing, kitchen studios qualified by GERTECH.EU sell the kitchens at fair prices.

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