The new center: cooking islands conquer our kitchens.

In the kitchen is not only cooked for a long time. The kitchen opens. It is the center of living and life. Here, family, friends and guests gather. Here is cooked, eaten, talked, laughed. And the new centerpieces of an open, convivial kitchen are cooking islands and cooking tables. They can be used from all sides and are the meeting place for everyone.

The trend is too filigree and purist

Cooking islands are usually massive kitchen blocks, which provide a large storage space under the worktop. Everything you need to prepare and cook is always at hand from all sides. But the latest trend is towards filigree and purist cooking tables. Also here is prepared and cooked, but the table shape invites you to take a seat and enjoy. Cooking tables look lighter and very elegant, like a homely piece of furniture. They combine cooking and living almost perfectly. Cooking tables are available in a variety of materials. Just like worktops, they can be made of wood, laminate, stainless steel or even plastic. Different materials for countertops and table legs can also create an exciting mix of styles here. The working height is also individually adjustable, so that even cooking tables guarantee ergonomic, comfortable working.

Cooking islands and cooking tables. A trend for everyone?
Of course, a cooking island has to fit into the spatial conditions. But even for small kitchens, the kitchen specialists often find innovative solutions. Especially the filigree design of a kitchen table offers new possibilities here. Nevertheless, in cooking islands and cooking tables: the larger the room, the better. Because to really experience and enjoy all the benefits of cooking islands and cooking tables, a certain distance to the other kitchen furniture is important. At least 1.20 meters, but better is 1.50 meters. For cooking islands and cooking tables are based on the fact that they are used from all sides without disturbing open doors or drawers. The length of the cooking island is important. It should be at least one meter long, maximum five meters. An alternative for smaller rooms is also a cooking pen. Although it is firmly connected to one side of the wall or a kitchenette. At the same time, it also requires less space and can already be converted into rooms with a size of 10 square meters or more. No matter how big the room is, the dream of cooking island or cooking table can be realized with the kitchen specialists in most cases.

What speaks for the cooking island? The pros and cons.
We have already spoken a lot about the advantages of a cooking island. A cooking island is simply a communicative meeting place that makes the kitchen the focal point of living. Here are the advantages summarized:

Cooking islands and cooking tables are open and inviting
They are the communicative meeting place
They are accessible by all and provide enough space to cook together
Under the cooking islands and cooking tables there is plenty of storage space for pots, pans and dishes
A table or a counter with bar stool makes the island kitchen comfortable

But cooking islands or cooking tables do not fit in every room. Therefore, one should also consider the following in his decision:

Cooking islands and cooking tables need a lot of space
The planning is usually very expensive
Cooking islands and cooking tables are usually installed in kitchens, so everyone has a clear view of order or disorder in the kitchen
Living kitchens have the disadvantage that the smell of food spreads throughout the apartment or house.
So if you like to cook together, actually like to stay in the kitchen, keep everything orderly and have enough space, you should follow the trend towards the cooking island or the cooking table. Also because this particular kitchen highlight actually fits in almost every budget. The kitchen specialists offer many options and variants here – for island kitchens that fit.

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